Dialysis On The Go

One of the features about the NxStage dialysis machine that was very important to us when we were chosing modalities was that it is portable. The machine itself weighs about 70 pounds. It has handles on both sides, but there is a rolling case that can be purchased. NxStage delivers cartridges and dialysate to our door in AZ, but if you have a vacation planned, they will deliver it to your destination. We use the Pureflow machine to mix our own dialysate concentrate at home and like this method very much, but it is impossible to take it on the road. Five liter bags of sterile, premixed dialysate are available so you order what you need for your trip. We use 25 liters per treatment so we needed 5 bags a day. The first trip we took was a three day stay in Tubac, AZ for the Art Festival they have every February. We just loaded the machine and enough supplies for a couple of days into the back of our Tahoe and off we went! All you need is electricity and a place for the waste line to drain. Many people travel in an RV and have it set up for dialysis and I have even heard of taking it camping. Why not? This is all about portability and continuing on with your life. There are dialysis cruises and one being organized for a small group of NxStage users in January called the Freedom Cruise. If you choose to use centers while you travel, you can coordinate with your Davita clinic social worker and they will set up your schedule for just about anywhere in the world.

Last summer we planned a trip to Whidbey Island, WA and rented a house for a month. We flew the machine up with us and the supplies were delivered to the house. Some were a little concerned that we were on an island with no way off except by ferry boat. When we arrived at the house in a very secluded area, I was happy to see a fire station across the street. Handsome EMT’s if you need them! It was one of the best vacations we have ever had and the ease of using the machine on vacation was a huge success.

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