Happy Fathers’ Day Grandpa

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June 21, 2001

Tradition in our house means family celebrations, BBQ’s, home made gifts and lots of laughter. The last celebration we had involved cream pie in the face of 3 kids. This one was relatively tame involving personally designed underwear. These unique and one of a kind gifts have been highly anticipated gifts for the fellas in our family, and this Fathers’ Day was no exception. The grandchildren love to use fabric markers to add a design, say something cute or rude. I remember when they would draw hearts and flowers and say something sweet like “I love you”. As they grow older and more wise, they draw pictures of skulls, little explosions or targets, and say things like “you stink”, “this is a number 2 stain”, or “kick me”. They have all learned to have a wonderful sense of humor, take life lightly and laugh a lot . . . . . even at themselves. In the photo, John proudly displays his new underwear to add to his collection of many.

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