Physical Therapy – it hurts good!

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June 5, 2011

We are on to the next phase of healing for John’s fractured wrist and an arm that has been immobile for 6 weeks – physical therapy twice a week. The first photo is Lynn playing nice – the hard stuff is yet to come. It’s amazing how muscles can atrophy and tendons tighten in such a short time.

John starts playing the games – it’s a lot harder than it looks! Moving a wooden bead from one end of the wire while keeping your elbow on the table is a challenge as is finding 50 marbles in a tub of corn kernels when muscles and movement is compromised. At least they make it fun so that it’s not just another pretty face and a painful experience.

The last photo may look like John is praying for relief . He is simply¬†stretching muscles that have tightened like rubber bands. As soon as he gets some strength and movement . . . ¬†it’s back to the gym for workout. Shhhhhh . . . . don’t tell him. He doesn’t know yet that this is his reward!

Notice the Tootsie Pop in Lynn’s mouth? Candy Man strikes again.

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